Tank Fabricator, Steel Construction, Petroleum & LPG Equipment Specialist

Installation Standard and Gas Station Tools Function


SINAR BARU PERKASA commenced operations in Surabaya as a novel and professional tank fabricator (All size and type of tank), Steel Construction, that has ISO 9001:2008 and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Certificate. Our company handles many projects in Oil & Cas Company and Mining Company and also the development of LPG Bulk Filling & Transporting Station. The product lines cover underground tank for gas station, LPG Storage Tanks and LPG Transport Tanks, Steel Construction as the main business line in our workshop , and are complemented as well by other tank fabrication products , which include Water Tank , Lime Stone Tank , Pressure Vessel Tank, Compressor Tank , ART Tank , Hydropure Tanki , Burner Tank , and all sizes of PERTAMINA tanks.

our company is the authorized distributor of Tatsuno pump dispensers and also filling station equipment products / SPBE (STP force pump or FE Petro brand, heading UPP pipeline management system Tatsuno, printer, nozzle and Tatsuno spare parts)

our company is also the distributor of Satam Flow Meter which is used to measure gasoline and oil liquid

The company’s competency on delivering the best value to the customers, with the ISO Standard 9001:2008 has been continuously maintained and proven by customers’ high preferences and loyalty on Sinar Baru Perkasa’s product.

The company employs highly skilled and trained team, both for the management and plant operation. The team has high dedication and strong willingness to improve efficiency and effectivity in the business process.

Office : Telpon : 031 - 3815000 , 3824000 , 3824200 , 3824300 , 3824400 | Fax . 031 3824000 |
Alamat : jl. Raya muh. Nur no. 156-158 ( Raya kedungcowek no. 156-158 )

Workshop :
Ngoro Industri - Mojosari Km 3, Mojokerto - Jawa Timur